The original club was formed in 1947 close to the end of the 2nd World war as part of ICI one of ther lsrgest employers in the Stowmarket area and almost every employee became a members of the Sports and Social Club.

The early 1960's saw the Club really take off backed by the ICI company's encouragement with the opening of the new works restaurant, with it's specially sprung floor for dancing. This building was also able to accommodate badminton with it's high roof, which opened up another recreational facility.                                       

By 1961/2 the sports field, with areas provided for netball, Hockey, Cricket, Football and Tennis, together with a pavilion for changing, kit storage and showers were all opened. Personnel were also provided to maintain the grounds. As a result of a request the grassed  area between the playing field and the main office was also made available by the company to use as a putting green, with some play equipment for young children of members.
The company/club partnership continued in the 1980's, when due to it being a "listed building" the property known as the Meadlands had to be openly maintained by ICI. It was offered to the recreation club and became what it is today with an interest free loan  repayable over ten years.                                                                                                                                                                        

Later in the decade, about 1987, the old development lab was demolished to save rate on an un-used building, and the company recognised it's commitment to the club and outside community by building a purpose built unit now known as the Indoor Sports Centre  for use as an indoor bowls green and snooker hall, all with new facilities. Again the club was asked to help with the cost by repaying an interest free loan.                                      

In 1999 an American company PPG secured 80% of the Stowmarket site including the recreation club buildings from ICI. The new company introduced a ban on unauthorised people on site which meant the loss of facilities for dancing, outdoor bowls, badminton and the secretary's office.  At this point  PPG agreed to allow the Club it's independence, and, although supporting the Club in allowing the use of certain facilities and maintenance, divorced from the partnership and became a self standing organisation  renamed the Stowmarket Recreation Club                                                             

More recently (August 2015) the Indoor Sports Centre was refurbished with a separate room for the growing Snooker Section, along with up to date facilities in the kitchen and toilet areas, benefiting both the Bowls and Snooker Sections. 

The paint shop (being the old ICI employee discount shop) offers a wide range of Dulux and other paint products at very competitive prices to Meadland members (don't forget your membership card!), along with many other household and decorating items. Opening times are usually 9.00am to 2.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 9.00am to 12.30pm Saturdays..

Sections include: Darts, Petangue, Crib, Pool, Angling, Badminton, Snooker, Bowls, Archery and a Men's shed

The Meadlands 'pub' hold various events BBQs in the Summer, Live Music, Karaoke, Quizes, Bingo, Darts Competions and much much more


Robin Kett (Secretary) 

With special thanks to our Ex President - Derek Barnard for his contribution to the history of the club