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The Meadlands Recreation Club now owns a Lake at Barham, which was created by its past members and continues to be maintained to a very high standard, it is managed by the “Meadlands Angling Club” Committee.

1) All new membership applications must be made through the Section Chairman, Gary Abbott, contacted on . He will provide full details and present fees.

2) The Club has a very dedicated membership and although it welcomes New Members, is usually running close to the prudent maximum number, allowing enjoyable fishing for all and well managed fish stocks.

3) A waiting list exists, when needed, to save re-applying and is reviewed, by the Angling Committee, each MAY, together with all new applications received during the previous 12 months. All applicants are contacted after the meeting.

4) Day Tickets MAY BE available, fishing with your SPONSOR, to ensure that the Angling Club is what you expect. It also shows that you are really interested and supports your application.  A maximum of 6 tickets in a 12 month period and no NIGHT FISHING allowed. Contact via your SPONSOR to Mark on  who will be pleased to advise if there are days available.

5) Members must observe, the Angling Clubs Rules, at all times, for the benefit of others and the protection of fish stocks, which is paramount, a copy is available to view in advance of applications. Any reported violations will be investigated and could lead to suspension or even expulsion, from the Section.